Designers are using Akril decorative panels to add vibrant colour to their interior projects.

Akril is a brilliant addition to any interior materials palette for use in residential or commercial projects as splashbacks in wet area applications, displays or virtually any vertical surface that needs a touch of high gloss colour.

Manufactured in Australia from an environment-friendly, highly engineered polymer enhanced with colour, Akril is lightweight, cost-effective, durable and easy to cut and install on site, making it an extremely DIY-friendly material. Being 50% lighter than glass and 25 times more impact-resistant, Akril is a logical alternative to glass in a broad range of interior applications as it won’t shatter, crack or chip when hit with force.

Akril decorative panels are also 40% cheaper to install with only standard power tools required for installation. Akril’s high impact and abrasion resistance ensures the surface won’t scratch easily, minimising the risk of bacterial growth, especially in high use areas such as kitchens where food is prepared as well as laundries, bathrooms, shower walls and entertaining areas.

Akril’s Decorator and Select ranges come in a wide variety of colours and patterns to bring your next kitchen, bathroom or entertainment project to life.