Renhurst sound absorbent ceilings, available from Novaproducts Global , deliver style with effective performance.

The Renhurst sound absorbent ceiling features flexibility, lightweight properties and is incredibly strong.

There are three types of the Renhurst ceiling available Ripplesound, Ripplefoil and Rippletone. Ripplesound enhances the performance with surface perforations.

Ripplefoil is an ideal corrugated aluminium. Rippletone uses the Ripplesound base with the addition of acoustic textile adhered to the back of the product.

All three types of Renhurst ceiling can form full ceilings, infills, floating or feature panels for ceilings, walls and decorative items, thus giving designers the opportunity to create innovative and ideal features in design.

This sound absorbent ceiling is quick and simple to install (please see our downloadable Compendium for colour range). Renhurst is performing ideally in aquatic centres, lobbies, gymnasiums, theatres and performance areas.