Novaproducts Global presents a range of solid brass tactile indicators ideal for retro fitouts in heritage buildings. Tested to Australian Standards, Novaproducts Brass TGSI Hazard tactiles are high quality, long-lasting and durable, and have been installed at many projects across Western Australia and Perth metro.

Among Novaproducts’ wide range of brass tactile indicators are popular options such as the countersunk and the ‘bang-in’ style with nylon plug. Installation is simplified thanks to the drilling templates available for the tactiles. Novaproducts can also assist with the installation of brass tactiles if required.

Both Nova Brass TGSI 1 tactiles and Nova Brass TGSI 2 tactiles are tested to Australian Standards, and can be supplied within a short lead time.

Contact Novaproducts Global for more information on their wide range of brass and stainless steel tactile indicators.