Novaproducts Global specialises in the supply and installation of stair nosing and stair treads for both internal and external environments. Meeting the needs of the Western Australian market for over 30 years, Novaproducts has completed over 1000 stair tread projects across the state, gaining considerable experience in the most suitable stair tread solutions for different applications.

Through continuous development, Novaproducts has over the years, introduced several stair tread innovations including products with excellent anti-slip properties. The stair treads are easy to clean and very durable, have a wide range of anodising options, and can be supplied for hard floors, timber stairs, metal stairs and ladders among many more.

Most of the tread options supplied by Novaproducts are locally made in Perth, helping keep more work in Western Australia.

P5 stair treads

P5 slip rated stair treads feature an aluminium strip, offer superior anti-slip properties, are available in many colours and are stocked in WA. P5 treads can be installed in both interior and exterior settings.

CCRG 10 PVC treads

Suitable for internal installations only, these treads feature an easy clean surface, are very durable, can be surface or recess mounted, come in six standard colours, and have anodising options too.

Nova CCRG 10 Panther stair treads

The Panther range of stair treads has excellent anti-slip properties, is suitable for hard floors in interior or exterior installations, is recess mounted and easily curved, and comes in 25 standard colours.

Galvanised stair treads

Galvanised stair treads display excellent anti-slip properties, are ideal for both interiors and exteriors on hard floors, metal stairs and ladders, and can be supplied in all RAL colours.

OT 51 Stairtile stair treads

Stairtile stair treads display excellent anti-slip properties in wet conditions, are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, are designed for flush mounting on timber stairs and offer a choice of black, yellow, brown and white colours.

Tiger 2.0 stair treads

Also offering excellent anti-slip properties, these stair treads feature a unique design, can be flexibly installed in interior and exterior settings using surface or recess mounting styles, offer anodising options, can be used without a base, and come in a choice of 25 standard colours.