Raised access floors from Novaproducts Global provide users with a versatile floor structure and the freedom to embrace technology advancements.

Novaproducts Global has over 15 years of experience in the supply and installation of raised access floors. Committed to providing a high quality range of products without the premium price, Novaproducts Global’s access floors allow easy conversion and rearranging of office layouts. 

Access flooring options from Novaproducts Global are available for control centres and office facilities. 

Raised access floor panels with HPL finish are recommended for use in data centres, computer rooms, IT rooms, control rooms, laboratories, telecommunication areas and power switch rooms. 

Raised access floor panels without HPL finish (bare panel) ready for carpeting are ideal for office applications including call centres, foyers, boardrooms, telecommunication areas, educational facilities, general offices, financial institutions, and resource centres.