Novaproducts Global has released a new aluminium stair nosing product specially designed for the sandy and abrasive environment prevalent in Western Australia.

Novaproducts’ new Fineribb CCRG stair nosing is made from special commercial grade aluminium and has a tough extra grade anodised surface for installation in highly trafficable areas. The unique design of the Fineribb surface provides extra grip on the stair nosing while also concealing scratches or signs of general wear to present an aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Key features of Novaproducts’ new Fineribb CCRG aluminium stair nosing include choice of several inserts and designs; practical yet stylish design protecting the edge of the staircase for long-term durability; and compliance with AS/NZS 1428.1 when installed correctly.

Current Australian Standards governing stair nosing: Must not have more than 10mm front nose; must have 1 strip 50mm wide near front edge; strip must contrast with stair flooring by 30% according to luminescent tests; must be level and flat with the stair; and, must be slip retardant.