Novaproducts Global announces the launch of a new skirting product designed specifically for use in surgical areas.

The new Novaskirt Medical is part of a specialised range of high quality, versatile and affordable skirting products from Novaproducts, available in a wide variety of designs and colours.

The Novaskirt Medical range offers a choice of over 100 colours and can be cut in 50mm and 150mm sizes. Designed to provide excellent strength and resilience against any kind of impact, Novaskirt Medical skirting can be covered in Kratzfest anti scratch coating for superior resistance. The skirting is made to size on site and comes with adhesive fixing as well as powder coating.

The Novaproducts Global range of skirting products includes Novaskirt Corporate, Novaskirt Universal and Novaskirt Bamboo for offices, hospitals and schools.