Novaproducts Global presents Mondoflex rubber flooring suitable for school gymnasiums, recreation centres and multipurpose centres.  

Mondoflex multipurpose gymnasium flooring is made from natural or synthetic calendared and vulcanised rubber. The gym flooring offers ideal rotational and translational friction for sports such as basketball, volleyball, fustal, handball and badminton.  

Offering optimum energy return compared to poured urethane and PVC alternatives, the rubber flooring improves ball bounce attenuation and rebound accuracy.  

Significant sound absorption properties in the Mondoflex multipurpose rubber flooring make it suitable for installation in various sporting and recreation centres.  

Mondoflex multipurpose rubber flooring is available in thickness options of 3mm and 4mm in a choice of 13 colours. It is also supplied in lengths of 14 metres and a height of 152cm.

The flooring has a full 1.5mm wear layer, which contributes to superior wear- and tear-resistant properties while providing excellent cushioning to assure safety and performance during play.

Mondoflex multipurpose rubber flooring systems have low maintenance requirements and only require a general sweep, damp mop and the occasional mechanical scrub.