Novaproducts Global , who supply a range of Matting, tactiles, stair nosing, door and wall protection and commercial flooring, will now deliver to New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

The extensive range of Novaproducts includes:

  • Novatred entrance matting
  • Tacalert tactiles
  • CCRG stair nosing;and
  • Rubber wheel stops.
Novatred Entrance Matting is designed to capture dirt and moisture at building entrances. The matting not only removes dirt from the underside of shoes, but its sturdy yet cushioned, texture means that excessive noise is reduced.

The range of Tacalert Tactiles include PVC tiles and studs, and stainless steel studs with unique designs for various surfaces, and are suitable for interior or exterior installation.

CCRG stair nosing can be used in both interiors and exteriors and is ideal for a range of surfaces that include carpet, wood, vinyl, ceramic and concrete flooring. CCRG nosing is not only available in a wide range of anodised colours and standard powder coat colours, but is easy to clean and very reasonably priced.

Novaproducts wheel stops are 100% rubber and provide a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to concrete wheel stops. The wheel stops are lightweight and easy to install, and feature a chevron pattern for increased visibility.