The easy-to-install curved CCRG stairnosing offered by Novaproducts Global  contributes to efficient building compliance for the latest architectural projects.

The curved CCRG stairnosing has been executed by NovaPlas on curved stair profiles at several WA projects. CCRG stairnosing is suitable for internal or external areas and can be installed onto carpet, wood, vinyl, ceramic and concrete.

Novaproducts offers a complete CCRG package including cutting, drilling and fixings to provide an economical stair edging option for any project.

Novaproducts offers the CCRG stairnosing in a range of insert colours including black, yellow, grey, beige and red. Customers can also choose from an unlimited powder-coating range and seven anodising colours including charcoal, black, gold, clear and various shades of bronze.

CCRG stair edging is available in two styles: 

  • CCRG stairnosing without ramp for carpets, vinyl and tiles 
  • CCRG stairnosing with ramp back for hard surface mounts 
While installing curved stairnosing on hard surfaces, adhesive and mechanical fixings should be used. The CCRG stair edging can be cleaned with a rag and warm soapy water.