Novaproducts Global offers high quality ESD anti-static flooring for use in areas where electrostatic discharge is a problem.

Electrostatic discharge or ESD is a common problem especially in several critical electronics-dependent environments such as data centres, resulting in damage to equipment.

The ESD Association in England says that ESD accounts for up to 21% loss in the electronics industry, costing the industry billions of dollars from damage caused to defective components and warranty returns. Also, 55% of all product failures in electronic goods are from ESD related damages in manufacturing.

Alternative measures such as ESD shoes and wristbands degrade over time and lose their effectiveness.

It can take up to 3,400 volts for humans to feel a static shock; however, a transfer of just 90 volts can disrupt data and damage components.

The floor is the only common contact with the earth in any facility, which makes it an important factor in any business ESD protection plan. Flooring has different ratings based on volts and Ohms. Most static control flooring will not inhibit static without the use of special footwear.

Special footwear is rarely worn by personnel working in many static control environments. Static control vinyl flooring cannot prevent static build-up on people who wear everyday footwear. It will only prevent static where special footwear is used. Usually all static control vinyl floors are static generators.

Most performance specifications on ESD flooring present data that was obtained using tests with special static-free footwear. Unless special footwear is used, tests with static control footwear are of no relevance.

NovaRubber ESD anti static flooring meets all the recommended parameters of ANSI/ESD S.20-20.

Containing no plasticisers, NovaRubber ESD is free of P.V.Cd, halogens, phthalates and lead, making it ideal for electronics manufacturing, call centres, computer rooms, networked areas and hospitals.

NovaAccord ESD is a static dissipative vinyl flooring with its unique composition and structure dissipating electricity evenly and also performing very well in dry conditions (RH 12%). NovaAccord ESD flooring finds application in R&D and production facilities of electronics and telecommunications industries as well as in operating theatres and other surgical rooms of hospitals.