North Bank Kitchens  is involved in supplying domestic joineries used for building kitchens. The products supplied by North Bank Kitchens are used in the construction of wardrobes as well as vanity areas. North Bank Kitchens also provides modern Bench tops for kitchens. The kitchens constructed by North Bank Kitchens incorporate gloss-white doors made of polyurethane.

North Bank Kitchens uses sile stones to construct bench tops. The kick bases are manufactured using aluminium brushes. Throughout the construction of kitchens, metal hardwares are used. North Bank Kitchens provides free services and measurements for kitchen projects. Toilet partitioning systems are also available from North bank Kitchens, which are built using laminex structural MR. Particleboard is used to impart moisture resistant to toilet partitioning systems and they are laminated with a decorative melamine surface.

Laminex HD3 is used in building what North Bank Kitchens calls the ultra-durable toilet partitioning system. Using high density fireboard is said to impart strength to the panels of the partitioning system when bonded together with moisture resistant resin. Thereafter, the partitions are decorated with hard wearing melamine surfaces on both sides of the panel, again to impart strength.

The other class of product available from North Bank Kitchens is the LG HI-MACS decorative material used for kitchen projects. LG HI-MACS is said to be a multipurpose, non porous material used in high wear areas including kitchens, labs and hotels. Decorative materials are available from North Bank Kitchens in various colors, shapes and patterns.