LG HI-MACS is an advanced non-porous, highly versatile decorative material suitable for high wear areas such as kitchens, laboratories and hotels.

Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and shapes, LG HI-MACS enhances the elegance and harmony of your living environment with natural beauty and the synthesis of design and creativity.

The flexibility of LG HI-MACS allows it to be used on any number of vertical and horizontal applications.

Whether commercial or residential, LG HI-MACS   from North Bank Kitchens gives an impressive look to any project and is limited only by your design imagination.

Volcanics natural features: unique value

  • Natural stone look
  • Brilliant colour
  • Improved transparency
  • 3D effect and luxurious look

The tricolour chip technology

  • Improved transparency creates depth in colour
  • Tricolour chips resemble a natural granite look

Design Freedom

LG HI-MACS allows for seamless joins giving your surface a sleek, smooth finish. It may be crafted into any shape to achieve the sharpest lines or the softest curves.

LG HI-MACS offers infinite possibilities with a wide variety of edge treatments, inlays, sink mounting options, coved splashbacks, integrated rubbish chutes and heat rods.

Advanced Technology

LG HI-MACS has been developed by LG Chem using advanced polymer resin technology. The acrylic resins act as a reinforcing agent, adding extra strength while creating a non-porous surface that can be easily repaired if scratched or chipped. Unlike other surfaces LG HI-MACS does not absorb spillages or food odours, leaving your surface hygienically clean.

Brilliant, naturally

The Volcanics Natural series is a prestigious collection of LG HI-MACS. The enhanced natural look comes from its unique Tricolor Chip technology so that you may enjoy the beauty of natural stone without having to sacrifice the design freedom you would expect from LG HI-MACS.


Inspired by the primal forces of nature, the Volcanics range has been developed to release a flow of uninhibited design possibilities. Large size translucent chips offer ideal beauty by intensifying the clarity of colour and elegance.


LG HI-MACS can be thermoformed so it readily lends itself to the production of both standard and unique shapes. LG HI-MACS can be cut, carved, drilled and routed using ordinary woodworking tools. Special adhesives ensure seamless joins.

Easy to clean

LG HI-MACS is unaffected by common household acids and alkalis, and will not absorb oils or grease. LG HI-MACS is also easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth of warm water and non-abrasive household cleanser.


LG HI-MACS is easy to repair. Small nicks, chips and scratches can be rubbed right out using a normal scouring pad or fine sandpaper. More extensively damaged sections can be replaced virtually undetected with a matching insert.


LG HI-MACS inhibits the growth of bacteria because it is non-porous. This makes it the ideal surface material for bathrooms and food preparation areas.

LG HI-MACS is so hygienic that it is officially certified as being suitable for contact with food.