Norstone  delivers natural stone products for exterior and interior designing as well as landscaping. The stone products are provide an elegant stone effect and are used in many commercial applications such as in office, café or bar, and shop or residential applications like in kitchens, or bathrooms, and in feature walls. Rock Panels from Norstone is supposed to be ideal for providing a natural stone effect for pool surrounds, feature walls, entertainment areas and courtyards.

The stacked stone panels or Rock Panels are regarded as ideal products the creation of for water features. Rock Panels are available in four primary colours such as charcoal, ochre blend, ivory quartz, and white quartz, etc. There is a perfect selection of textures too. It is apt for installation such as precast concrete walls and cladding a brick. Grouting is not necessary and the products are easy to install as well as cost-effective.

The Rock Panels Corners is a new product with interlocking finger joint corners provided by Norstone. Each panel corner is handmade and this creates a natural and unique appearance. Each section is longer than the other and hence creates a ideal adjacent walls, providing a beautiful natural look. Flag stone contains MonoroStone Main, MonoroStone Ochre and MonoroStone charcoal etc.