Norstone Rock Panels were installed throughout a modern home in Denmark, showcasing the extreme application versatility of the natural stacked stone veneer wall cladding panels.

Extending the use of stone beyond fireplaces, Norstone Charcoal Rock Panels were boldly used in the bathroom, shower, kitchen and living room, and even the garage area of the residence to create beautiful thematic accents. Norstone Rock Panels not only created continuity throughout the property, but also set new contemporary design trends that are now being replicated in Australia.

The Horsen House project in Denmark was one of the first projects where Norstone Rock Panels were used for a walk-in shower wall, an application that has recently gained popularity in the design community with the proliferation of waterproofing methods for substrates making the idea possible.

Rock Panel natural stacked stone veneer wall cladding is available in Australia from Norstone Australia.