The new rubber floor covering from Nora Quality Flooring Systems, noraplan lona has been receiving wide appreciation from designers following its presentation at [email protected] trade shows in Berlin and Stuttgart last year. The rubber floor covering was officially launched at the BAU 2017 in Munich in January this year.

Ingo Baenisch, technical advisor at Nora Systems for the Berlin district, said designers were very excited about the new release. The collection reminded them of the works of American artist Jackson Pollock, who influenced abstract expressionism with his process for action painting.

Nora field service employee Oliver Föste reported similar responses from architects who also praised the new product’s successful synthesis of monochromaticity and structure. Dirk Oswald, product manager at Nora Systems comments that the name of the new covering corresponds to the Spanish word for canvas. He explains that designers can bring their ideas to life using the flooring’s base colour, and matching it with different design colours.

The requested design is incorporated into the covering during vulcanisation at a high temperature and under high pressure for a permanently attractive look even after decades. This lets noraplan lona meet both architectural demands as well as functional requirements.

The newest member of the noraplan family, the rubber floor covering is recommended for hospitals as well as in schools where chairs and tables don’t do any damage to the sturdy covering. Ideal for use in healthcare and educational buildings, as well as other public buildings, noraplan lona makes an impression with all the proven product characteristics of rubber, such as good ergonomics and optimum acoustics.

noraplan lona is available in 24 different basic colours including 12 neutral grey, brown and beige shades complemented by 12 attractive accent colours that have a saturated, yet subdued effect at the same time. The result is design freedom, almost without limits.