Premium rubber flooring from Nora Quality Rubber Flooring Systems was installed in the music classroom at a school in the Grand Valley Local School District in Orwell, OH to address durability and maintenance concerns.

The single K-12 facility was created by the School District by consolidating several schools more than a decade ago. One of the key areas of concern was a music classroom that doubled as a band room. An extremely busy area both during and after school hours, the room’s floor was exposed to a lot of abuse with the marching band tracking sleet, water, gravel, grass and mud back into the building when they entered.

To address their durability concerns, the school district chose to use noraplan eco and norament grano rubber flooring throughout the 244,000-square-foot, multifaceted building.

District Superintendent William Nye says the floors look as good as new even today. School officials vouch for the floor’s sound attenuation qualities and much simpler maintenance.

Despite the dirt and grime that enters the room on a daily basis, the floor clears up very well, according to Tim Carlson, Grand Valley’s band director. The cleaner air is important to the music program as well with the kids able to breathe deeply while they play their instruments.

Deann Wendell, elementary custodian, says nora flooring has made it easier for them to maintain the floors. Only plain water is needed to clean them, and the floors always have a nice shine without being waxed.

Superintendent Nye gives the cleaner air credit for improving the school’s attendance record, explaining that a clean environment is always “key to a good school system, good classrooms and a good, quality education”.