A floor covering from Nora Quality Rubber Flooring Systems that met aesthetic, acoustic and durability considerations was selected for an academic building on the Wright State University campus in Dayton, Ohio.

The Oelman Hall at Wright State University, which houses the school’s College of Science and Mathematics, features colourful wall panels, boldly patterned floors and dynamic lighting and ceiling treatments. During the renovation of the academic building, the designers sought to tie together the lobby, corridors and lecture hall of the 1960s-era heritage design structure using appropriate materials.

For the flooring, the designers looked for a product that could stand up to excessive foot traffic, would be easy to maintain, and also help reduce noise. Very importantly, the flooring had to be a sustainable material.

Nora’s sustainable floor covering, noraplan environcare was selected for installation in the entrance areas, corridors, classrooms and the lecture hall. While the extensive colour palette of the rubber flooring system excited the designers, the school officials were equally drawn to the product’s durability, ease of maintenance and acoustic benefits.

Javan Conley, Senior Project Manager, Wright State University explained that they needed a durable floor covering that would hold up to the high foot traffic in the building. The floor covering delivered additional benefits such as ease of maintenance for custodial staff, especially under the seats in the lecture hall as well as noise reduction and improved acoustic clarity that were so important to learning and communication.

The durable surface easily handles the constant student activity and does not have to be stripped and waxed, making maintenance more efficient.