All outdoor pavers can be subject to soiling from time, general use or mistreatment, but by considering the right product for an area and with some occasional maintenance, NewTech Pavers products can retain their look for many years.

The first consideration that can reduce the risk of soiling or staining to outdoor pavers is in the selection of the right type before installation.

In areas that are potentially prone to heavy soiling, a careful selection of colours can help to mask discolouration, and reduce the aesthetic appearance of any build up.

The surface texture of NewTech outdoor pavers is also important, as some textures are better suited to particular applications.

Drainage is another important thing to consider when installing outdoor pavers. Areas with poor or inadequate drainage can cause staining and negatively affect their appearance, so consideration should be made for the control of stormwater surface runoff, as well as any services which may need to run under the paved area such as drainage or water pipes.

Once a suitable choice of outdoor pavers has been made, care needs to be taken during and after laying to ensure surfaces are free from soil, cement based products and organic matter that may leave marks.

Sealing is also an important and recommended process for outdoor pavers that are positioned in areas of potential staining or chemical contact.

Having taken all this into consideration, and with regular light maintenance, outdoor pavers from NewTech Pavers will retain their appearance and appeal for many years.