NewTech Pavers  provide a wide range of large format wet cast concrete pavers that are designed to replicate natural stone. 

The Sienna wet cast concrete pavers are a unique pavers range that produces the effect of natural flat sandstone but still has a high slip resistant surface found in more heavy duty types of pavers. 

Other key benefits and features of the Sienna wet cast concrete pavers include: 

  • standard size is 500 x 500 x 40mm 
  • also available in thicknesses of between 30 to 40mm on request 
  • 500 x 400mm length and width also available
  • the company offers 21 standard colours for all its pavers
  • the company’s colour creation services team can also design colours according to specified needs 
  • pavers are usually made on request to ensure colour consistency is maximised between all pavers ordered in one lot
Besides providing concrete pavers, the company also provides an expert team of workers which can help with paving requirements on request.