This Brisbane CBD office building received an upgrade to its facade involving the removal of unsafe PE grade cladding and replacing it with 2,000m² of Mitsubishi ALPOLIC NC/A1 in Silver Metallic finish.

Mitsubishi ALPOLIC NC/A1 is a fire-safe, fully compliant, aluminium composite cladding composed of a non-combustible mineral core containing zero polyethylene, making it far superior to other aluminium cladding alternatives on the market.

The client wanted to use a product from a globally trusted brand and with its extensive investment in fire safety, superior flatness, and exceptional durability, ALPOLIC NC/A1 by Mitsubishi was a risk-free choice for a long-term investment. Given the harsh weather in QLD, best-in-class hail and impact resistance was also a key consideration.

Mitsubishi ALPOLIC comes with an unmatched 20-year full cover manufacturer’s warranty, which includes materials, labour and rectification costs, and requires no cleaning to maintain the warranty.

Project details

Project: 299 Adelaide Street Brisbane Reclad

Contractor: ACLAD

Completed: 2020

Product: Mitsubishi ALPOLIC NC in Silver Metallic