Modular metal ceilings are a common material in commercial spaces and public infrastructure – and for a good reason.

Modular metal ceilings provide a high-quality and contemporary finish, while also offering a range of advantages, from ease of installation and minimal upkeep to cost efficiency and reusability.

However, to ensure that your modular metal ceiling serves its intended purpose of creating a visually appealing, well-balanced and functional space that meets all safety and compliance requirements, it’s crucial to select the right modular ceiling products for your project.

At Network Architectural, we’ve compiled 5 important factors to guide you in finding the right modular metal ceiling product to bring your design vision to life.

1. Window spaces and size

As an architect or designer, you must take into account the role windows play in your design process.

After all, to create a balanced composition, the layout and finishes of your modular metal ceilings should be able to complement the sizes and spaces of your windows.

Furthermore, since windows affect the distribution of natural light, you must carefully consider where they are positioned when arranging ceiling panels and integrating lighting fixtures. This is to ensure that you achieve your desired ambience and maintain a well-illuminated environment.

At Network Architectural, we offer durlum metal ceilings in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours, finishes and effects along with integrated lighting solutions. With these versatile modular metal ceilings, you can effectively coordinate your windows and ceilings for an aesthetically pleasing design.

2. Ceiling height

The dimensions, depth, arrangement and design style of your modular metal ceiling panels will significantly influence the perceived ceiling height of any room.

So, to create a visually appealing and spacious atmosphere, it’s important to choose the right type of modular metal ceiling.

As your reliable partner for high-quality ceiling solutions, our team at Network Architectural empowers you with an array of options. From mesh ceilings, baffle ceilings, open cell ceilings and acoustic ceilings to suspended ceilings and integrated systems – we can equip you with the ceiling solution that will transform your project’s concept into an outstanding reality.

3. The plenum space

Modular metal ceilings should also provide convenient access to the plenum space, where air-conditioning ducts, fire sprinklers and electric cabling are found. This is to ensure that the installation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical services can be efficiently carried out and maintained without damaging the ceiling.

Hence, when choosing the right modular metal ceiling for your project, don’t forget to consider the plenum’s depth and the need to access important utilities.

At Network Architectural, we also offer Rondo ceiling systems that can be used for a large range of installations to complement the ceiling design and assist by simplifying the installation.

Rondo ceiling systems

4. Square metreage

The total square metreage of your ceiling installation area is crucial to managing materials, estimating labour costs and checking design feasibility.

This is why it’s important to accurately assess and measure square meterage – not only to ensure your modular metal ceiling aligns with the available space but also that your project doesn’t exceed your allocated budget.

Fortunately, Network Architectural has a reliable in-house design service and technical team that can assist you from your project’s conception to its completion.

5. Customisation

While modular metal ceilings typically come in standard sizes, shapes and patterns, customisation is still possible, allowing you to realise your project’s aesthetic vision.

At Network Architectural, we can help you with this by providing design and colour samples. Our in-house design service and technical team can assist you in finding the perfect combination that will enhance the appearance and ambience of your modular metal ceiling.

We also offer locally supplied ceiling framing and suspension systems that you can tailor to the aesthetics and functional requirements of your project.

At Network Architectural, we have the capabilities you need to design or specify modular metal ceilings.

Network Architectural is your trusted partner for innovative ceiling solutions, delivering high-quality ceiling solutions such as durlum metal ceilings.

Passionate about what we do, we listen, learn and always strive to improve so that we can help you find the best modular metal ceiling for your specific design and project requirements.

With our comprehensive design process, we ensure that your vision is realised with utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. Rest assured that we also have short lead times and fast design turnaround to prevent delays or disruptions in your project’s overall progress.

Ready to use modular metal ceilings in your next project?

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Just reach out to us – our team can help you achieve the project results you’re after.

As always, it’s best to seek the expertise of a trusted and well-established Australian ceiling supplier that can provide you with the highest standard of products.

At Network Architectural, we look forward to becoming your trusted partner for all your building and construction projects.