As a forward-thinking architect or builder, you always have a vision for each project.

With bespoke metal ceilings, you can unleash your creativity and enhance commercial spaces, all while ensuring your project’s overall durability, functionality and sustainability are not compromised in the process.

Unfortunately, achieving these desired results isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. There are crucial factors to consider when it comes to designing or specifying bespoke metal ceilings.

But don’t worry! Transforming your ceiling design vision into reality is much more doable with the right solutions and experts in your corner.

In fact, at Network Architectural, this is our speciality. With our bespoke design process and high-quality ceiling products, we can help you achieve project success and impress your clients.

To kickstart this journey, let’s delve into the 5 important factors you need to keep in mind when designing or specifying bespoke metal ceilings.

1. Aesthetics

One of the ways you can make a commercial space stand out is through its ceiling.

So, it’s important to ensure that your metal ceilings are customised to complement or accentuate the overall style, theme and design of the chosen space. You must also choose the right colour, finish, texture and patterns to meet both the functional needs and your aesthetic vision.

At Network Architectural, we take pride in being the exclusive Australian distributor of durlum metal ceilings – a leading manufacturer of innovative and versatile metal ceiling solutions.

With a huge range of sizes, shapes, finishes, effects, integrated lighting solutions, and colours to choose from, our durlum products enable you to be more creative with your ceilings.

Whether you want to have open cell ceilings, mesh ceilings, baffle ceilings or curved panels, our in-house design service and technical team can provide you with whatever you need to revolutionise any commercial space.

2. The project’s holistic approach

Your bespoke metal ceiling should not only accommodate the aesthetic aspects of your project but also serve its primary interior purposes. So, ask yourself:

  • Does it offer accessibility for maintenance and service requirements?
  • Does your bespoke metal ceiling have integrated lighting and acoustic options?
  • Is your bespoke metal ceiling equipped with seismic solutions?
  • Can it hide unsightly cabling, electricals and other overhead services as well as provide easy access?

From incorporating lighting, acoustic and anti-corrosion properties to ensuring accessibility and seamless integration of your bespoke metal ceilings, you can always rely on our team at Network Architectural to get the job done. We take a holistic approach to provide you with truly bespoke ceiling products that meet every need of your project.

3. Turnaround time

When designing or specifying bespoke metal ceilings, you should also factor in their respective design, fabrication and installation lead times. Schedules must be coordinated with your supplier to prevent delays or disruptions in your project’s overall progress.

At Network Architectural, we always reassure our clients with short lead times and fast design turnaround.

Through our durlum project design lifecycle process, we communicate regularly, clearly define expectations, and ensure that no aspect is missed.

durlum project design lifecycle

4. Sustainability

People are now more environmentally conscious with their decisions – they’re looking to work with businesses and professionals who promote sustainability and contribute to environmentally responsible practices.

Therefore, you should opt for ceiling products that have minimal negative impact on the environment.

Fortunately, our durlum bespoke metal ceilings can still be recycled and repurposed after their initial use. This gives your clients the peace of mind that you’re helping them reduce waste and conserve resources effectively.

In addition, as part of its commitment to sustainability, durlum has successfully achieved the following certifications for all of its steel, aluminium and chilled/heated ceilings:

  • Global Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • International environmental management standard (ISO 14001)
  • Energy management standard (ISO 50001)
  • GlobalGreenTagCert GreenRate Level A certification in Australia

These certificates are available as verifications and as needed in green building.

5. Credibility of suppliers

Having a credible supplier is important to ensure your bespoke metal ceilings meet industry standards and regulations and also deliver optimal outcomes.

At Network Architectural, our mission is to help you create high-quality, safe and buildings that stand out from the crowd.

We pride ourselves on having a highly experienced and skilled team that works closely with you at all stages of the project lifecycle – from conception to specification through to project completion.

Additionally, the durlum metal ceilings we supply are backed by a 10-year warranty. We also ensure you get the support and technical expertise you need from durlum’s local and global team.

At Network Architectural, we have the capabilities you need to design or specify bespoke metal ceilings.

Network Architectural is your trusted partner for innovative ceiling solutions.

Always passionate about what we do, we listen, learn and strive to improve and innovate to help you achieve the ideal bespoke ceiling that perfectly aligns with your unique designs, specifications and project requirements.

Through our bespoke design process, we ensure that your vision is realised with utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. We also engage with various stakeholders across the project lifecycle, from the conceptual design right through to the installation, to provide you with nothing but the optimal results.

Ready to use bespoke metal ceilings in your next project?

Whether you have more questions about bespoke metal ceilings or are looking for the right bespoke metal ceiling solutions for your project, we’ve got you covered.

Just reach out to us – our expert metal ceiling team can help you achieve the results you’re after.

As always, it’s best to seek the expertise of a trusted and well-established Australian ceiling supplier that can provide you with the highest standard of products.

At Network Architectural, we look forward to becoming your trusted partner for all your building and construction projects.