An authentic durlum LOOP design ceiling incorporating durlum Punteo lighting was installed at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre (QSAC) in Brisbane, QLD for the very first time in Australia.

QSAC is a premier training hub for athletes and members of the public, as well as a popular event space. The refurbishment of its facilities transformed it into a training centre for elite athletes and a sports science hub, providing modern infrastructure for the success of Queensland and Australian athletes.

In Stage 2, construction was completed on a high-performance gym, sports science facility, office refurbishment, medical suites, athlete lounge, and the Western Grandstand foyer.

In the foyer, durlum’s LOOP Type 3 metal ceiling with integrated Punteo lights was installed. This was the first installation of an authentic durlum LOOP design ceiling incorporating the durlum Punteo lighting in Australia.

Queensland Academy of Sport

The LOOP Type 3 creates an aesthetic ceiling design pattern that appears to be three-dimensional. The integrated Punteo luminaire with intense luminosity guarantees brilliant light quality and soft light transitions. The LOOP Type 3 also incorporates an acoustic sub-ceiling to assist with the management of airborne noise.

Project details

Project: Queensland Academy of Sport

Architect: Phillips Smith Conwell

Builder: Buildcorp Group

Contractor: Precision

Completed: 2021

Product: durlum Metal Ceilings – Loop Type 3 metal design ceiling