Neltronics  have introduced Fleetminder which offers GSM/GPS Security and Asset Locator Module and GPRS/GPS Real-time Tracking and Monitoring Module. Fleetminder is suitable for fleet management, providing GSP security and asset location.

The Fleetminder GPS security unit is capable of transmitting periodic data through GSM or GPRS at set intervals. The location, speed and direction can also be transmitted in SMS format. Real time or periodic logged data can be tracked on mapping software.

The Fleetminder is easily programmed for specific requirements. Changes to the Fleetminder setup can be done by sending SMS commands to the module.

Fleetminder comes with seven output and five input triggers. The compact size of this unit (12x 8x2 cm) means the Fleetminder can be mounted anywhere.

Following are the features of Fleetminder GPS Security and Asset Locator:

  • SMS: Reporting of vehicle location, speed and direction sent direct to users’ mobile phone through sms, or users’ PC through GPRS
  • GPRS: live tracking of vehicle with Fleetminder tracking software
  • Reports: There are several types of reports including Vehicle Activity Report, Vehicle Site Report, Vehicle Mileage Report, Vehicle Stop Report, Vehicle Trip Report, Vehicle Over-Speed Report and Vehicle Idle Report.
  • 5 x inputs: The 5 x inputs are typically used for interfacing automotive security systems and can also be configured for other purposes such as accessories switch, door open or temp switch. (3 programmable, 2 reserved)
  • 7 x outputs: The 7 x outputs are for controlling external relays such as unlock door, disable starter motor or sound siren.

External GPS and GSM antennas allow for excellent GPS and GSM reception in the most awkward installation sites. SIM card can be easily inserted and removed on demand by end user. Ultra small size with internal backup battery integration allows unit to be concealed even in tight spaces.