Neltronics  distribute an extensive range of mobile theatre touch screen systems, audio visual systems, radar and safety warning systems, LCD monitors and GPS security tracking systems. Neltronics provide sales and distribution services for a range of flash memory cards supplied by Microdia. The Microdia range of flash memory cards distributed by Neltronics is available in a range of models and styles. The Microdia Xtra Elite series of flash memory cards supplied by Neltronics are suitable for application in DSLR cameras. Professional photographers can benefit from these flash memory cards that have a data transfer rate of 45.0MB per second and a read/write speed of 300X.

Microdia’s flash memory cards are available with 32.0GB, 16.0GB, 8.0GB, 4.0GB, 2.0GB and 1.0GB memory capacities. The Xtra Pro model of flash memory cards supplied by Neltronics comes with read/write speeds of 160x and data transfer rates of 24.0MB per second. Flash memory cards help in fast image capturing and storing operations.

The curly cord range of double insulated cable kits distributed by Neltronics comes in 4 metre lengths. These cables kits are suitable for road trains, trailers, caravans and fuel trucks. Microdia’s extension cable kits are available with 2 female sockets and 7 pin sockets.