Designed to provide an eye-catching and economical alternative to high maintenance timber shutters, Vollay V5000 aluminium shutter systems from Montage Group achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance without looking like a security grille.

Easy to manufacture, these aluminium shutters carry a 10 year warranty and can be incorporated into a large range of residential and commercial applications.

The Vollay V5000 suite features blades that are manufactured from the latest UV resistant materials and are capable of opening 180 degrees both up and down.

This ensures suitable ventilation, shading and screen options for any window.

The blades on these aluminium shutter systems can be fitted in a variety of designs to suit all manner of architectural styles, and are supplied in 68, 90 and 115mm widths.

A number of cross rails can also be fitted to satisfy all wind loading needs.

Stainless steel assembly fixings are concealed within the aluminium shutter systems, providing clean, uncluttered lines.

A purpose designed framing system ensures the shutters can be incorporated into any window, and with integrated bifolding and sliding systems the shutters can be bent and stacked against walls.

Vollay V5000 suite aluminium shutter systems are available in both adjustable and fixed blade configurations.

Fixed blade options can be fitted with a range of Aerofoil blades in additional 45 and 55mm widths.

The fixed blade models are limited to angles of 15, 30 and 45 degrees, and can be stacked by using integrated sliding systems.