Available now from Montage Group , the Vollay V8000 non retractable external Venetian system is designed as an operable aluminium screen for covering large balcony or entertaining areas, hard to reach windows or stairwells, and glass roofing areas where shading or screening is required.

Available in a range of surface finishes that all comply with Australian Standards, Vollay V8000 non retractable external Venetians feature an all metal gear rack and metal moving componentry and have four blade options available, curved and flat both in either 90mm or 150mm, and some to blend with existing Vollay products.

The curved V8000 Venetian blades are designed to have the same external appearance of the Vollay 90mm and 150mm aerofoil blades when closed, allowing the building to have the same texture and appearance when used in conjunction with other Vollay aerofoil blades. The blades operate through a 135º angle providing ventilation, shading, and screening options for the window, and allowing residents to enjoy the sun's winter warmth and shelter from its heat and glare in the summer.

The Vollay V8000 non retractable external Venetian system features a removable crank handle for manual operation as well as a motorised option using an IP66 rated German motor that allows users to interconnect and adjust large areas simultaneously with a hard wired switch or through a control system.