Mitsubishi Electric Australia  have announced their new MSZ-FB series inverter split air-conditioners that come with the inverter technology, an i-See sensor and Plasma Duo filters.

The new MSZ-FB series is engineered for balance between high energy efficiency and quiet operation.

The MSZ-FB series is an energy efficient model for its capacity based on the international COP/EER rating system. It delivers energy efficiency in heating and cooling operations and is a inverter series with a line flow fan that achieves 20db(A) for cooling and 21db(A) for heating.

The MSZ-FB series comes with a new i-See sensor that detects the floor temperature over a wide 150 degree area. The detection prevents excessive chilling during summer and deficient warming during winter.

Besides a pre-filter, the unit is also mounted with two plasma air purifying functions. These functions zap air dirt particles from micron to nano size which reduces and removes bacteria, pollen and mould spores.

The MFZ-FB series utilises an i-see sensor which moves from side to side to search for floor temperature and ensures a more regulated temperature.

The MSZ-FB series has the following features:

  • Operating range of -10° to 46° degrees for cooling and -15° to 24° degrees for heating
  • A Mould Fighter function that suppresses the growth of mould spores
  • A Quick Clean easily detachable front panel that is easy to wash and can save consumers electricity
  • An optional centralised on/off remote controller.