Available from Mitsubishi Electric Australia , GK Series air curtains ensure a comfortable, clean and hygienic environment while helping to keep costs low.

Air curtains are used to provide an invisible barrier for temperature control, such as preventing the loss of cool air in the summer and the loss of warm air in the winter. Air curtains also provide protection from exhaust fumes, smoke, odours and insects or flies.

Air curtains are popular in a range of commercial applications such as shops, restaurants, lounges, halls and lobbies; however, they can also be used effectively in circulatory and zoning applications such as in gyms and bowling alleys.

With a slim and compact design, GK Series air curtains have a function that allows the airflow angle to be adjusted, as well as a two speed control.

GK Series air curtains can be supplied in three widths; 900 mm, 1194 mm, and 1180 mm that feature varied air volume and velocity for different applications.