Wall and ceiling expansion joint products including P & PA joints and WC joints are offered by Miska . P & PA joints and WC joints panel joints are suitable for large gaps in walls and ceilings. Control joints from Miska include CJ joints, CJA and tile trims.

Control joints are designed to accommodate small movements occurring in brittle floors, made of materials such as stone, terrazzo and tiles.

Seismic joints such as NHS 80 FJ, NHS 80 FJ, MSM75 and MSM100 & MSM150 waterproof joints are also available. These joints are resistant to chemical attacks and are made for both internal and external vertical wall applications.

The bride joint collection includes BJ1 joint, BJ6 - cast in joint, neoprene compression seals, Zealcrete - elastomeric concrete and metazeal - waterproof joint. The bridge joints are elastometric seals and are made of sturdy aluminum retainers and are resistant to corrosion.

Bearings, available from Miska, include slip joint and SJFR- Miska firemaster slip joint. Bearings are designed to take movement on load bearing structures, such as corbel, concrete and brick wall. They are appropriate for reinforced and post-tensioned slabs.