Miska  is a company which offers a broad range of joint solutions, including floor expansion joints, wall and ceiling expansion joints, tile trims, control joints, seismic joints, bridge joints, bearings, passive fire products, stair nose treads, chemical joints and other miscellaneous products.

In the area of floor expansion joints, Miska offers cover plate joints, santropene joints, carpet joints and neoprene compression seals. Cover plate joints include AC, ACL, RWMA aluminum joints, BC, BCL, and RWM brass joints, ACS and ACSL stainless steel joints, joints series 1 and 2, RDS heavy duty joints for concrete slabs, ACHD heavy duty aluminum joints, RDS-1 heavy duty joints, LP aluminum low profile joints and Miska coveplate clips.

All the joints are especially designed for pedestrian areas in commercial and public buildings. The aluminum joint series gives horizontal, transverse and vertical joint movement while the brass joint series allows one to extend the design options.

Santroprene joints are classified as SF30, SF60, and SF90 seal joints. This joint series can be customised to fit with any floor covering, from deep ceramic tiles to carpet or vinyl flooring. These products are resistant to moisture, chemical attack, dirt and pathogens.