Metabo Germany  has manufactured power tools for the professional worldwide since 1924. Offering a range of over two hundred different machines, Metabo is known for its hard-working, hard-wearing angle grinders found in over 100 different markets world-wide.

Metabo has introduced a new generation of range of compact class angle grinders. Standard features include Metabo’s safety clutch protecting the user from dangerous kickback from a jammed or caught tool plus the high performance and efficient marathon motor.

This new range for 2008 introduces a disc brake which stops the machine within 3 seconds of switching off the angle grinder.

Additional features include Soft Start that gives the user a controlled, slow initial start up; overload protection warning light that flashes when the machine is in overload to increase the life of the motor; restart protection activates when the switch is locked on and the cable is accidentally disconnected from the power point plus Metabo’s Quick system, you can change discs without the use of tools.

Other design features include the ergonomic two grip position housing providing a secure grip for every application due to its curved necking.

The new wheel guard can be adjusted or removed in a matter of seconds by pushing the release guard lever and meets the latest Australian Standards.

The optimised air outlets in Metabo’s Marathon Motor allow the airflow over the motor increasing performance, efficiency and longevity. Die-cast aluminium gear housing for durability means better heat dissipation for a longer tool life.and each machine is fitted with encased brush boxes and switches to maximise motor and brush life.