Metabo  provides various hand held tools like multi purposes vacuum cleaners which have optimum noise dampening. It consists of a high power motor and is ideal for extracting dust, solid particles and non inflammable fluids. The filter used in the vacuum is washable and sturdy. The vacuum cleaner has a plastic container which is shock resistant, as well as having wheels and castors, making it portable. It also has a suction hose and a paper filter bag as accessory items.

Different models of drills are manufactured by Metabo which are ideal to use on those places which are difficult to reach. It has a die cast aluminium gear housing accompanied by a thumbwheel for preselection of speed. Paint removers provide an eco friendly methodology for removing paint and varnish from wooden surfaces which is a time saving process. It also has an adjustable chip removal setting and a high capacity motor. It offers vibration and fatigue free operation.

Disc sanders designed by Metabo is an all purpose machine for sanding various surfaces made of wood, plastic, non ferrous metals and sheet steel. It consists of a dust proof ball bearing and a velcro faced backing pad. Electronic wall chasers provide quick and clean method of cutting wall chases. It has an adjustable width groove and a spindle lock.