Maximum Energy provided a complete lighting changeover solution for multiple McDonald’s stores in Australia by supplying and installing energy efficient LED lights.

The challenging project for McDonald’s involved retrofitting the entire lighting system with new energy-saving LED lights at seven 24/7 stores without changing the existing design.

The 12-metre high carpark lights were difficult to change in the 42°C heat as the lights had effectively corroded to the pole. Using specialist tools and a boom lift with a safety corridor established around the worksite at the fully operational carpark, the Maximum Energy team was able to replace the old fittings with LED lights. Changing the lights in the drive-thru lanes also required shut-off periods when it was not busy to minimise customer inconvenience.

For the store’s interior, the project required a mix of fittings to be changed including inefficient over-the-counter lights; the retrofit also included new LED panel lights that greatly reduced heat and power consumption. The LED lights in the cool rooms were also changed to increase efficiency and safety.

According to the client, their stores mostly ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which meant the lights inside were on all the time. Consequently, their energy bills were also high since the stores were fitted with the old-type halogen and floor style tubes that weren’t so efficient. Looking to reduce their operating costs while still providing the same kind of light output designed by McDonald’s for customer comfort and staff safety and efficiency, the client called on Maximum Energy to provide them with a changeover solution.

Maximum Energy offered a no-cost onsite energy assessment and audit across all of their seven stores, giving the client the confidence that they were dealing with an experienced company. Since all McDonald’s stores are busy environments, there were significant challenges during the replacement of lights in the working kitchens. However, Maximum Energy completed the job within the specified time and budget to the satisfaction of the client.

Though the changeover to LED lighting was completed five years ago at the first store, the installation continues to deliver the expected quality and performance with absolutely minimal downtime. The client has also observed energy savings on their maintenance and air conditioning costs.