Maximum Energy installed more than 7,000 LED lights across eight schools in Western Sydney in just two weeks.

Prior to the installation, the company invested a month’s worth of planning to ensure smooth execution of the project. The planning process began with visits to all eight sites to meet each stakeholder group and gain optimal site access prior to the project’s commencement. This was important to the planning process as well as the project schedule since each site featured extensive security and alarm systems.

Maximum Energy liaised with suppliers to ensure prompt product delivery to each site as the installation team was working on a tight schedule of two weeks. Thanks to their efficient lighting suppliers, high quality LED lights were delivered to the site without damage or fault, eliminating any time-consuming hassle of replacement.

Maximum Energy also managed the safe disposal of electrical waste, usually produced at any project site. The waste was disposed of with safety and caution without any risk of harm to the contractors, stakeholders, the site or schoolchildren.

The project was managed effectively through daily site reporting as well as frequent safety and quality audits. Maximum Energy’s dedicated project managers and electrical contractors worked together to overcome any hurdles that could have compromised the outcome of the project.

The multi-site school lighting project in Western Sydney was completed on time to the satisfaction of each stakeholder group. Maximum Energy installed a total of 7,182 LED lights across eight schools in just two weeks.