Maxim continuous louvres and fixed louvre systems such as Maxim sun louvres, custom fixed louvres and weatherproof louvres are available from Maxim Louvres .

Maxim continuous louvres are available in two models such as Maxim MCL 75 and MCLC 74. The former continuous louvres are designed from extruded aluminium while the latter type of continuous louvres is constructed from western red cedar.

These continuous louvres are non retractable louvres and are designed specifically for external installations including, sloping vertical, horizontal and curved glazing. These louvres consist of adjustable blades which control glaring and allow outward vision. These louvres are efficient in reducing the solar heat gain up to 90 percent.

The louvre supports or rack arm of the continuous louvres are aluminium with nylon pivots. The louvres are clipped to these louvre supports. These louvres require less maintenance as the louvres can be unclipped for repairs, cleaning or access.

The continuous louvres consist of a hand wheel, gearbox and an electric motor. The hand wheels are used for easy access areas and the gearbox is available with a detachable rod and a handle. Electric motors with remote switching or hard wired and automatic controls are also available.