Maxim Louvres  offers louvers and screens such as, aluminium shutters, continuous louvers, fixed louvre systems and External Venetians. Maxim Louvres is known for undertaking installation of these louvres as well.

The Maxim aluminium shutters from Maxim Louvres are designed to offer long term solution to provide protection against wind and sun. These aluminium shutters are also efficient in providing security and privacy for the user.

The Maxim aluminium shutters from Maxim Louvres are available with either anodised finish or powder coated finish. The blades of aluminium shutters are either operable or fixed and consist of bi-folding, sliding, fixed and stacking controls.

Maxim Fins are also available from Maxim Louvres. These Maxim fins are extruded aluminium blades that are designed for either vertical configurations or horizontal configurations. These aluminium blades can be fixed or operated at varying angles and provides a contemporary look to the place.

These fins can be fitted between channels and flat plates. The Maxim fins are adjustable either by a lever, handle or a motor. Motors are also available with these fins and are controlled by remote or automatically controlled and can be linked to the building management systems.