Fire performance is an important consideration when specifying building materials for construction and design projects. In recent years, the National Construction Code (NCC) has focused on implementing a stricter regime for fire safety in Australian building design. Consequently, there are restrictions on the use of some timber materials for wall and ceiling lining applications, specifically timber veneer panels and plywood.

Against the backdrop of these regulations, some architects, designers and specifiers are adopting a cautious approach and over-specifying to ensure compliance with fire performance requirements. However, this approach, combined with a lack of understanding of fire ratings in general, can lead to fewer choices, higher costs and compromises in aesthetics and performance.

The whitepaper, Understanding Fire Ratings for Walls and Ceiling Linings: Specifying Natural Timber Panels for Beauty, Performance and Compliance provides guidance on specifying fire-rated solutions for wall and ceiling linings that meet all the aesthetic and performance requirements of modern interiors.

The whitepaper outlines NCC requirements for the fire hazard properties (Group Number) of wall and ceiling linings. Also covered are design considerations when choosing the right product for wall and ceiling applications, including the practical, performance and aesthetic differences between Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 materials. The whitepaper concludes with an innovative range of pre-finished, ready-to-install plywood panels, combining advanced fire resistance, aesthetics and acoustics for decorative walls and ceilings.

Download this whitepaper to learn how a thorough understanding of fire ratings, the relevant performance requirements and available material options can help you balance beauty, performance and compliance when specifying wall and ceiling linings.

Download the whitepaper