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    Enhanced Veneer

    The art of timber veneering has been around for thousands of years. From that time forward, people have been adapting and innovating their practises in order to continually develop this amazing product. Matilda Veneer is proud to feature the most recent and on-trend innovations in our Enhanced Veneer range.

    Aged Veneer
    The most recent of veneering innovations, Ageing, uses a similar, yet different, process to smoking, where the veneers experience a chemical reaction resulting in a permanent change in their appearance. Veneers exposed to this treatment typically become grey or silver, with a similar appearance to timber that has been exposed to the elements for a period of time. Aged Veneer is perfectly suited to projects requiring a rustic, yet modern and inspiring, aesthetic. 

    Smoked Veneer
    Using a leaf by leaf treatment system, each veneer is exposed to a chemical process which reacts with the tannins in the veneer. The strikingly beautiful veneers that result from this process, which are transformed in colour from light-bronze to almost black, are proving extremely popular with architects and designers. Unlike dyed veneers, smoked veneers are permanently enhanced so there is no risk of them fading or adversely changing colour over time.

    Rough Cut
    Veneering has always provided far more economical and environmentally savvy benefits to solid wood, although there’s always been those who prefer a rougher, more rustic look. Now, with the introduction of Rough Cut veneers, you can have both in one modern product. In simple terms, these veneers are sliced with a serated knife giving the veneer a textured look and feel which invites touch.


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