With timber being universally loved around the globe, it is no surprise that the market for imitation wood products has grown over recent decades. There are a variety of synthetic or man-made products now available aiming to deliver a ‘realistic’ timber look – from wood-plastic composites to laminates, vinyl and aluminium products – to varying degrees of success. However, architects and designers often overlook an all-natural, sustainable alternative to solid timber that retains the true character of real wood, while being resource-efficient and cost-effective: natural timber veneer. 

Natural, Unique and Beautiful: Why Natural Timber Veneer is Still the Premier Product for Decorative Walls, Ceilings, Joinery and Furniture dispels some common myths and misconceptions about natural timber veneer and examines why it should be considered the premier option for decorative walls, ceilings, furniture and joinery. We set the record straight and explain what timber veneers are, how they are made and whether they should be considered a ‘natural’ material. We also look at the architectural benefits of timber veneer, focusing on the qualities it shares with real wood: natural, unique and beautiful.

Matilda Veneer is Australia's largest and leading manufacturer of timber veneer. Matilda Veneer is renowned for sourcing and manufacturing natural, unique and beautiful veneer for architectural specification from Australia and around the world. The company’s veneer are produced from timber harvested with responsible forest management and are manufactured with the highest efficiency.


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