We are often asked about our cross-platform initiatives that aim to disseminate information and keep our user market updated about various developments at Matilda Veneer.

For instance, we are often asked by other members of our industry: ‘Why do we present Blogs, send out Veneer Monthly (our eNews updates), and actively use Instagram and Facebook?’ And now, more recently, ‘Why have we decided to launch the Natural, Unique and Beautiful Awards?’

These questions are invariably followed by ‘Doesn’t it cost a lot of money?’ and ‘Doesn’t it take a lot time?’. It’s not necessarily that others in our industry are critical of what we put out there in the public space; rather, it’s because they don’t understand the philosophy behind it. Allow us to elaborate on this and explain our purpose.

Matilda Veneer has been around for over 25 years but for most of the architectural/design industry we’re only just getting to know each other. We’ve been long known and respected within our niche veneer industry for a long time, but having dealt so closely with select distributors in the past, there was little need for us to present a ‘brand’ or get ‘likes’ on social media. We could, in simple terms, get on with doing what we do best and that is manufacturing and sourcing unique and natural solutions for highly decorative and beautiful interiors.

Time, as it tends to do, has changed things. There are more competing products, stricter controls around safe and environmental building practices, and everyone is more time poor than ever. We knew that while we have had great distributors (and continue to have) we needed to be out there flying the flag for timber veneer. There’s no point sitting back and complaining about the changing environment so we have attacked our rebrand and sharpened our focus on becoming the authority on all things timber veneer. While others are downsizing and looking for alternatives to the natural products that we all know and love, we are investing more than ever into machinery, certified natural resources, product development, improving our systems and training than ever before.

We invested in and now own our very own Italian made, purpose built veneer production line so we can better control quality and supply. We became certified by the Australian Institute of Architects to deliver CPD presentations to architects and design professionals. We developed and tested Australia’s first Group 1 certified fire-retarded plywood – Matilda Fireply. We became the only company worldwide that is producing 100% PEFC Certified veneers from our Australian hardwoods including Spotted Gum and Blackbutt. And just this month, we launched the Natural, Unique and Beautiful Awards to help recognise and reward the amazing work of all those within our wider industry who are increasingly featuring our products.

In short, we do all this because WE CARE. We understand this industry and we are PASSIONATE about it. We are the second generation of a very close family business and we strive to continually IMPROVE ourselves and our products. Veneering is part art and part science – working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature. It’s something we LOVE and something we plan to be doing for decades to come.

About the time and financial burden of doing what we do... the financial costs are minimal while the time costs are a little more significant. However, these ‘costs’ are never seen as an expense, but rather as an investment into the future of our much loved timber veneers.

We are good at what we do, but we seek the expertise of others within the supply chain and aim to work more closely with them to fully maximise the extraordinary benefits of these amazing and unique products. Architects, designers, specifiers, builders, joiners, shopfitters, cabinet makers – if you truly want your projects to be natural, unique and beautiful you should always be considering natural timber veneers. If you’re not fully informed on the benefits, or at all fearful of the processes involved, you should be reaching out to us so we can work together to ensure even your fussiest clients’ expectations are exceeded. It’s what we do!