Installing a restricted key system is one way of ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to particular rooms, apartments and buildings. Various manufacturers make and supply restricted key systems and they are generally available from licensed locksmiths.

The Master Locksmiths Association Australasia (MLAA) has created its own line of Australian manufactured restricted locks especially suited to Australian regulations. It also has a comprehensive database of professional locksmiths who are able to supply its and other brands’ restricted systems.

Restricted lock systems revolve around locks and corresponding key blanks that are only supplied to locksmiths with a license for particular restricted lock systems. When the locksmiths supply and install these restricted locks a list of authorised personnel and a chain of supply is established.

In order for a duplicate key to be obtained it must be taken to an authorised locksmith or key shop and generally a letter of authorisation, along with personal ID is required. The locksmith will keep a record of all keys supplied along with the letter of authorisation.

By installing a restricted lock system it is possible to kept record of exactly which keys have been cut and who they have been distributed to. It is essential for the property manager to keep a list of keys and ensure that they have been returned and reassigned when necessary in order to protect the integrity of the system.

Often restricted locks are used in combination with a master keying system in order to give certain personnel, such as building managers, access to multiple rooms or buildings.

Restricted lock systems are designed to offer higher levels of security. They may benefit from special in built features such as magnets and small computer chips to prevent unauthorised duplication. A more recent development in restricted locks is to include bump resistant features and it is possible that this may become mandatory under Australian legislation.

Visit the MLAA website to locate a licensed locksmithing professional who can supply and/or install a restricted lock suite for any building, property or development.