The Master Locksmiths Association Australasia (MLAA) is a professional organisation that represents approximately 1,000 locksmith businesses and professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand, South East Asia and the Pacific region. It is recognised as an approved Security Industry Association.

Main aim of the MLAA

The primary aim of the MLAA is to provide advice, service and products to locksmith businesses, individuals, manufacturers and suppliers of locksmithing products, as well as other people and businesses working in relevant areas of the security industry.

The Association is dedicated to ensuring that its members provide a professional level of service to the community and exercise the highest ethical standards.


To gain membership individuals must hold a recognised qualification and/or pass independently conducted competency tests which will also determine what level of competence they have achieved.

Main activities

  • promotion of the viewpoints and interests of the security industry
  • provision of services and resources such as: training & professional development, marketing and promotion, OH&S support, industrial relations, building codes and standards, product development and international relations.
  • compliance with security industry legislation: supplies resources to enable its members to comply with legislation and regulations relating to security industry licensing. Providing membership for locksmiths in the various states, where membership of an approved Security Industry Association is required for security licensing.
  • development of products which are designed and manufactured to meet Australian Standards and market conditions, such as restricted keying systems patented high security locking systems designed and distributed in association with the industries key manufacturers.
  • locksmith finding service; the MLAA provides a comprehensive online search facility to help customers to locate locksmiths with relevant products and services/expertise in the local area.
Why use an MLAA Locksmith?

By engaging the services of MLAA member for locksmithing and security needs it ensures that the locksmith is:

  • an experienced and qualified security industry professional
  • a licensed locksmith under State and Territory security industry legislation
  • abiding by an established code of ethics and conduct
  • able to supply products from an exclusive range of MLAA patented high security locking
  • able to recommend effective security solutions to meet your specific requirements based on skills and experience
Always ask for a locksmith's security industry licence or Master Locksmith ID card.

Services offered by MLAA professionals

  • supply and fitting of restricted key systems
  • CCTV services
  • alarm installation, repair, maintenance and monitoring
  • safe sales, fitting, repairs and opening
  • master keying
  • access control
  • automotive transponder keys and programming
  • architectural hardware supplies and services
  • emergency and mobile services
  • store based services and supplies
  • supply, installation and repair of door, window and other locks
  • key cutting

The MLAA has branches in every State and Territory across Australia as well as in New Zealand. Contact details can be found at the MLAA website.

Visit the MLAA website or contact a local branch to find out more about its services and membership, and to find a locksmith, security professional, supplier or manufacturer to suit specific requirements.