The local manufacturing sector is expected to benefit from a new partnership between the Australian Made Campaign and Master Builders Australia (MBA). The two organisations have come together to increase exports as well as encourage greater use of locally made products by the building and construction sectors.

Building and construction firms in Australia will be encouraged to source Australian-made goods and assist local businesses in marketing their products and services to export markets.

Underlining the quality and durability of Australian-made products, Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison said the country’s extremely stringent quality and safety manufacturing standards have helped establish their reputation for well-made products that last.

A new Roy Morgan study conducted in May 2017 has found that 75 per cent of Australians prefer Australian-made building and construction goods, making local content an important selling factor for businesses.

According to Mr Harrison, manufacturers and developers promoting goods as genuinely Australian should leverage country-of-origin branding whenever possible. Observing that the Australian Made logo was recognised by 99 per cent of Australians, and has been found to increase sales in export markets as well, he noted that it should form an important part of any marketing strategy.

Mr Harrison added that the Australian Made logo, as a registered certification trade mark, defended the authenticity of Australian goods.

Master Builders Australia Chief Executive, Denita Wawn said the partnership will greatly benefit Australian manufacturers and the broader building and construction industries.

The Australian Made logo will be central to the branding of Master Builders Australia trade missions and exhibitions to be conducted in 2017/18. 

Master Builders Australia has opened its Export Diagnostic Program to businesses keen to participate in the export promotions. The Program assists companies in determining whether they have the right tools in place to be successful overseas, and aids in the development of export strategies.