Master Builders Australia (MBA) has endorsed the reforms announced by the Government to safety regulations applicable in the building and construction industry.

Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia said that the reforms will reinforce the primacy of safety on building sites and lead to better safety outcomes.

According to Wilhelm Harnisch, eliminating counter-productive paper based compliance and regulatory duplication will allow builders and contractors to focus on real initiatives to make the building site safer, instead of sitting in site sheds completing unnecessary compliance paperwork.

He explained that the changes to the Government’s Building and Construction Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme will streamline regulatory requirements for builders with good safety records, freeing them up to implement practical measures to enhance workplace safety.

The reforms will also better equip the Federal Safety Commissioner to work with builders and contractors to improve compliance with safety laws while lightening the regulatory load for those who do the right thing.

Master Builders extended its complete support to the Government’s move to improve safety by responsibly cutting red tape for building and construction contractors, particularly small firms that comprise 98% of the industry.