With homes becoming the new workspace for most people over the past year, many are looking to renovate and refresh their interior spaces, having spent considerable time in them.

New applications of timber to meet design trends as well as the focus on sustainable materials have created plenty of options for refreshing your home design. Market Timbers lists out five timber trends that will help you revive your home space both aesthetically and functionally.

1 Open plan kitchen and timber dining table

Open plan kitchen and timber dining table

Open living spaces continue to be on-trend in the residential space. Open plan layouts have transformed the kitchen into the heart of the home with designs integrating the dining area to create a beautiful space for the family to gather and have their meals or spend quality time together. White benchtops are paired with a neutral colour to create a modern minimalistic look. 

2 Cork ceiling

Cork ceiling

Architects and designers are getting creative with timber in interior spaces. Using cork on ceilings draws attention to an often forgotten feature of the home. Cork also offers excellent sound and thermal insulation, adding performance benefits to the beautiful aesthetic.

3 Timber storage

Timber storage

Timber in storage cupboards is picking up as a trend with white cabinetry complemented by light timber interiors to create a seamless look. 

4 Cork floor tiles

Cork floor tiles

Cork floor tiles continue their trend-making journey in home interiors thanks to advantages such as eco-friendly properties, natural aesthetics, outstanding insulation and excellent underfoot comfort. 

5 Environment-friendly finishes

Environment-friendly finishes

The sustainability drive in the building industry has increased uptake of environment-friendly construction products and practices. Hardwood floor finishes with low VOC content, for instance, are very popular; these finishes also prevent the floor from getting a yellow tinge like some two pack polyurethane products cause over time. 

With all signs pointing towards an increase in eco-friendly building materials in 2021, timber and cork products are perfectly positioned to assist architects and designers in creating greener buildings.