Marina Isles  supplies different models of bouvet imported from France. Bouvet has specialised in creating and developing forged iron cabinet fittings and accessories. Bouvet from Marina Isles are ideal for cabinet maker, carpenter, and furniture and kitchen manufacturer.

Bouvet will enhance the designs and significantly add to the intrinsic value of products it is attached to. At Marina Isles, customers can find a range of other products like cabinet hardware, backplates, passage door, kitchen accessories, corbels, sinks, taps, and vanities.

The sinks from Marina Isles are made from vitreous china with a durable and long-lasting finish. They are designed to team perfectly with provincial style kitchens. Customers can find French frameworks and butler sinks at Marina Isles. The mini model of sink is a type of French farmhouse sink, made from vitreous china with a durable and lasting finish.

Marina Isles also provides fire clay model of sinks, a traditional durable material which is easy to clean and stain resistant. It maintains its appearance and surface making it perfect for everyday kitchen use. The vanity units from Marina Isles are made using solid timbers. They are made in Australia by craftsmen who are committed to using locally sourced materials to produce great products.