Marina Isles  established at New South Wales, provides unique decorative cabinet hardware products from across the world. Marina Isles provides hand painted decorative ceramics from Agra, India. These models are ideal for interiors. Most of these products are available in both brasses as well as in chrome fittings.

Algrave is another type of cabinet hardware available at Marina Isles, these are from the southern coast of Portugal. They reflect a relaxed lifestyle with a range of products created through simple, vibrant handpainted ceramic cabinet knobs. This style has been adopted worldwide and is particularly embraced in Australia where the climate and lifestyle are common themes.

Marina Isles also provides anodised classics range of cabinet hardware products like aluminium handles and knobs. Artisan from Marina Isles is another hand decorated knobs, painted by Australian artist using a variety of techniques to obtain the finished look.

Crazed, a type of cabinet hardware was designed by early French and English glazes. At Marina Isles the range of Australian hand made porcelain knobs are manufactured by using traditional methods. The other types of cabinet hardware available at Marina Isles are classified under different classes like country, glass, crazed ceramics, federation, French provincial, modena, shaker, stone and earth type of knobs. The website of Marina Isles has displayed an image of its products.