Mailsafe Mailboxes has added the new MSF4 mailboxes to their standard MSF range with the new design also featuring an individual newspaper shelf for bulky items.

Designed to hold more mail than the standard MSF2 and MSF3 mailboxes with the newspaper shelf feature, the new MSF4 mailboxes have the width of an MSF2 unit and the depth of an MSF3.

One particular feature setting the MSF range apart from the competition is the use of a silicone sealant, which is added to all the roof joints to provide additional protection from the rain. All external rivets and screws are counter-sunk for a safer and neater finish. Available in front or rear opening designs, the MSF range meets the design requirements of Australia Post.

Key features of MSF4 mailboxes include 30mm aperture slot large enough to receive bulky mail though small enough to provide mail security; 90mm wide newspaper shelf in each individual mailbox; 30mm weatherhood providing mail security and weather protection; wide range of colours to match decor requirements; double-sided keys for better security and greater number of unique keys for multi-residential installations; and substantial protective packaging ensuring the mailbox arrives safe and sound, regardless of its destination.

Optional features include aperture flaps; master keys ideal for body corporate and on-site managers; intercom/multi-functional panels for co-ordinating security features with the entrance; number or name panels ideal for large complexes and easy recognition; 70mm x 70mm aluminium stands ideal for freestanding banks of mailboxes; parcel or open shelves for residents expecting delivery of large parcels; 20mm, 32mm, 50mm or 100mm surround trim for flush mounted installation into a wall; replacement key and strip service; and flat door with no engraved strip.